Bermondsey Mixer Co


bermondsey tonic water

Most commercial Tonic's use a solvent extract of Quinine,  giving them that cloying synthetic aftertaste. At Bermondsey Mixer Co we use natural Cinchona bark instead of Quinine extract. This is what gives our tonic its beautiful amber hue and natural, refreshing flavour. Try with the best Gin you can find, loads of ice and a suitable garnish. 



Bermondsey Grapefruit

Bermondsey Grapefruit has been expertly mixed with natural Cinchona bark and fresh pink grapefruit for a tonic that is both zesty and smooth. Great with Gin but equally at home with Mezcal and Tequila.



bermondsey tonic Syrup

Designed to be mixed with sparkling or soda water or used as versatile cocktail ingredient. Each bottle is equivalent to 25 servings of tonic water.