About Us



From humble beginnings back at the start of 2000,

Steve Brown and Paul Macgregor have developed Vine Distribution Services (VDS) from a small "back bedroom" business into a thriving sales, marketing and distribution company specialising in the development of premium alcoholic and non alcoholic brands.

Supported by an ever growing team of field and office staff, drawn from trusted family, friends and industry experts, VDS has positioned itself strategically to develop and grow within one the most exciting industries in the world.

Whilst "working in partnership" is an often overused phrase in our industry, we hope our recruitment policy demonstrates our real passion and commitment to work and engage with brand owners, distributors, marketeers, retailers and like minded individuals with a similar philosophy. Put simply, the VDS vision is to create business relationships that stand the test of time by delivering incremental value for all parties whilst jointly overcoming the challenges and issues that face our industry.

Always on the look out for new brands, new opportunities, and new business partners, VDS are flexible enough to adapt and change when the need arises, whilst having a solid infrastructure that forms the "engine room" of our business.

We at VDS are sure you will be as excited by our portfolio as we are and we look forward to working with you throughout 2019 and beyond, be you a new or existing partner.